Yuze Network | AS142641

An IPv6 only autonomous system operated by @ntzyz.

HE BGP Toolkit: AS142641 Yuze Zhang

Prefixes & Upstreams

Prefix IRR RPKI Location Upstreams Internet eXchange
2406:4440:10::/48 Yes Yes HongKong Aperture Science Limited (AS38008) Aperture-IX (1Gbps)
2406:4440:1f::/48 Yes Yes Singapore The Constant Company, LLC (AS20473) -
2602:feda:de0::/48 Yes Yes HongKong Aperture Science Limited (AS38008) Aperture-IX (1Gbps)
2602:feda:de1::/48 Yes Yes Fremont Black Mesa Corporation (AS46997) -
2602:feda:de2::/48 Yes Yes Frankfurt Hurricane Electric LLC (AS6939)
Securebit AG (AS58057)
KleyReX (100Mbps)

BGP Sessions

Neighbor Type State
AS38008 Internet transit Loading...
AS46997 Internet transit Loading...
AS20473 Internet transit Loading...
AS6939 Internet transit Loading...
AS58057 Internet transit Loading...
AS146950 Private peering Loading...

Peering policy

AS142641 has an open peering policy, we are willing to peer over any exchange points we have in common, or through tunnels.

Contract peering [at] as142641.net for details.

(Abuse) contact

noc [at] as142641.net, or t.me/ntzyz.

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